About Me

In the TTM company is it only me, not us!

My name is Dennis den Roover and I am the founder of Traintomaster AS. The last 20 years have I dedicated as a PGA coach here in Norway.

Through this years have I asked many golfers if they track their performance when playing a golf round in one way or another, and the majority say NO. Why? “it takes to long time or/and it is to complicated”, is the answer. 

This is something I really want to change, and that is one of the reason why I am creating Traintomaster (TTM). When giving your result as a player, you have full flexibility of what and how much you want to track when playing a golf round. Each field we ask for can have a default value, set by you, and that makes a hugh difference how long time it takes to add your round performance.

Your feedback of TTM system is very important

To create Traintomaster has been so much more expensive than I thought it should be. The money (after bills and money to live for) that I have earned as a coach the last 3 years, has  gone to development of the TTM product (started over 4 times). I will still do this as long as I can, but the problem as I see it, is the time. It takes for ever, to build all modules that I have a vision to do, to make this product great.

This is the reason why I have set up a donation, so I can involve more developers so you can have a even better product in shortest period of time. If you want to contribute, you decide how much money you want to give, and also what the money shall be spent on. When I have enough with money and the timing is good, then we start on that module.