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For golf coaches offering group classes can be a way to increase their revenue and provide a social and fun environment for their members and visitors.

Unfortunate most of the instruction given by the golf pro is private lessons. The group classes offers many benefits for both the player and the coach.


No matter how fun and enjoyable golf is for the player, you as a coach should never under estimate the social part of it. it is usually equal important for the player.

To get the group class to work as one unit, a good suggestion can be that all player wearing name tags for all to be seen and heard easier. Another benefit when friends go practice/play together, it is harder to “sneak” out of it. That means more practice hours.

Peers & Skills

Let´s imagine you as a coach doing a group class in pitching. You explain and show how it suppose to be done, and then they try do similar as you by them self. For me it is a better way to do it. Peer the players together and let them together find out how you did it, and you as a coach observe them and guide them along the road. Many positive things come out from this: 

  • More fun
  • They start communicate to each other
  • They learn from each other
  • They interact with each other
  • They get to know each other
  • They learn practice when someone else is watching
  • More focus on each shot 
If a player not is used to practice/play when another player watching, then it can be a drawback where the safe environment become unsafe. 
To prevent this from happening, make sure that the classes you set up is in harmony. You need to set up group classes that matches in skill level, age, gender or even interest. The more precise you can be in your selection, the more relaxed will the players be. TTM Performance Filter will make this easy for you!

Narrow The Task

When giving a private lesson, this player get your fully attention. That is not the case in a group class. You need to be very specific with your goal for this class session and stick to it. This will be very hard to follow if the players in the class has different skill level. 

In TTM Practice System do you have a unique feature to filter on a players performance. This makes it possible for you to set up a class with rules like: 

  • Age: between 35-50 years
  • Start distance: 30-50 meters
  • Shot type: Pitch
  • Ball contact: “Solid” less than 50%    

Let´s pretend you get 10 participations to your group session. I think as a coach you already can see the benefit of this selection. Now you can narrow your goal for this session to ball contact. Now can you peer the players, and give them a task specific for their issue: What will happen with the ball contact if you have different ball positions? What will happen if you stay on your front leg compared to moving to your rear leg?

You will automatic get all the 7 points listed in “Peers & Skills” section above.

TTM Direct Marketing

You will get a list with all players that fulfill all your filter criteria. Create a fancy mail with a subject like: 

“You have a solid ball contact less than 50% on your pitch shot. Let me help you!” 

When a player get a mail targeting on his personal performance, the chances are very high that he will open that mail to see what you as a coach can offer him. There are your revenue! 

You can do a filter combination of 50+ fields, so the combinations of what kind of group class you want to create is endless. 

So, how much will this cost for you as coach. It is actually FREE. Try it out now!

Increace your business

unique Direct marketing filter by player performance

Dennis den Roover

Dennis den Roover

Founder of Traintomaster